Roaring Auctions partners with Blisspot, joining Blisspot’s Wellness Activated Organization program

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3 min readApr 5, 2023


Blisspot and Roaring Auctions Launch Blisspot’s Exclusive NFT Genesis Collection to Revolutionize Entrepreneurial and Workplace Wellness

Blisspot, the web3 wellbeing platform, and Roaring Auctions, the world’s longest running NFT auction house, team up to empower entrepreneurs and remote workers with groundbreaking wellness solutions.

April 4, 2023 — Leading NFT auction house Roaring Auctions and Blisspot, the world’s first web3 wellbeing streaming media application, are proud to announce the launch of the Blisspot Genesis Collection, an exclusive range of NFT membership tokens offering access to premium wellness content. This collaboration is set to transform the work-life balance for remote employees worldwide and drive productivity by prioritizing mental and physical wellbeing.

Recent studies have shown that up to 75% of employees suffer from stress and burnout in the workplace, with productivity losses costing businesses an estimated $300 billion annually. The rise of solo entrepreneurship and remote work has only increased these challenges, with many workers struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Roaring Auctions founder and chief auctioneer, Bradley C Hughes, has taken on the role of growth advisor for Blisspot, leveraging his expertise in the NFT space to help the platform reach new heights. As a Wellness Activated Organisation partner, Roaring Auctions is dedicated to promoting wellbeing solutions that can have a positive impact on individuals and businesses alike.

Blisspot’s cutting-edge web3 wellbeing application offers a comprehensive suite of wellness tools, including guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, and personalized health coaching advice. This innovative approach to employee wellbeing has earned Blisspot its reputation as the world’s leading web3 wellness application.

As the growth of web3 technology continues to reshape our digital landscape, the Blisspot Genesis Collection represents a significant milestone in the integration of NFTs and wellness solutions. By offering exclusive access to transformative content through NFT membership tokens, this partnership demonstrates the immense potential of blockchain technology to improve the lives of remote workers.

We invite you to experience the future of wellness by purchasing the Blisspot Genesis NFTs, available now at

Be a part of this exciting new movement and look forward to a wealth of exclusive courses, benefits, and resources to enhance your personal and professional wellbeing.

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About Roaring Auctions

Roaring Auctions: The World’s Longest Running NFT Auction House Redefines the Digital Art & Asset Landscape

Established in January 2017 as the WTH Auction House Telegram Group and later rebranded as Roaring Auctions in March 2021, we have earned our reputation as a world-class premium NFT and digital asset auction house. Our expertise in live and online auctions, bespoke private sales, escrow, and vaulting services make us a trusted name in the industry.

At Roaring Auctions, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive suite of global services to our valued clients. Our offerings include art appraisal, art financing, metaverse virtual real estate, and digital assets provenance education. Additionally, our cutting-edge vaulting services provide secure storage of digital assets with cross-chain capabilities.

Under the visionary leadership of founder Bradley C Hughes, Roaring Auctions has become the longest running NFT auction house in the world. Our commitment to innovation and collaboration enables us to forge groundbreaking partnerships with artists, creators, and collectors alike.

Join our bi-weekly Counterparty NFT assets auctions in the WTH Auction House Telegram Group, and don’t miss our three to four spectacular live and live streaming auction events per year.

Experience the future of digital art and assets with Roaring Auctions, where creativity and technology unite for a remarkable journey.

About Blisspot

Blisspot is a Web3 decentralized social commerce network dedicated to wellness. Blisspot 3.0 is designed to reduce cost and barriers to accessing wellness support, while providing competitive incentives to content and service providers.

Blisspot supports business team members to be at their happiest, healthiest best — positively supporting their career, relationships and health.

Blisspot contributes wellbeing that is accessible and affordable globally. We do this by curating the world’s best wellbeing solutions for health and wellness — for business teams.

With a focus on busy entrepreneurs and remote workers, Blisspot is at the forefront of the movement to prioritize mental and physical wellbeing in our increasingly digital world.


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Founder and Chief Auctioneer

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