Live Auction at Future Art “Follow The White Rabbit”

Roaring Auctions
6 min readMar 31, 2021

The Future Art “Follow the White Rabbit” crypto art conference will host a rare live auction of classic crypto art. Lots ranging from 2015 SoG classics, 2016 Rare Pepes, to ERC721 NFTs minted in 2021.

Featuring classic tokenized game cards like the FDCARD and SATOSHICARD from Spells of Genesis 2015, the original RAREPEPE “Nakamoto” card, and the mythical LORDKEK Rare Pepe.

The live online Rare Crypto Art Auction (by Roaring Auctions) kicks off at 01:00 UTC on Good Friday (12pm AEDT Easter Saturday).

This Live Auction will be livestreamed on YouTube and Facebook, with an audio feed into Clubhouse.

Auction Bidder Registration

To inspect the Lots and participate in the auction, Bidders must Register at

About Roaring Auctions

Roaring Auctions is a new crypto art and NFT auction house, established from and built upon the experience of Bradley C Hughes, running live crypto art auctions in the WTH Auction House Telegram group from February 2017 to early 2019.

Roaring Auctions is making its live debut at the Future Art crypto art and NFT conference at 12pm AEDT this Easter Saturday (UTC 01:00 April 3rd).

About Future Art

Following sell out success for their debut event in January, Future Art “Follow the White Rabbitwill showcase the exploding Crypto Art movement in a second immersive digital art experience at Brazen Lot — Paddington Town Hall over the long weekend in Sydney, April 1st to 4th, 2021.

The event will highlight the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) scene that is redefining art and music ownership with its use of blockchain technology. Combining HD projections, digital display frames, AR and VR, and featuring live performances by DJs the event is a curated multisensory walk-through where guests will be invited to navigate the exhibition through interacting with the artworks directly and through smart devices.

Classic Crypto Art Assets Up For Auction

LOT 5 — RAREPEPE (2016)

The Series 1, Card 1 RAREPEPE Nakamato card is the keystone of any serious Rare Pepe collection. This is the genesis card of the 1,774 certified Rare Pepes.

Expect strong bidding from a $14,000 USD reserve kick-off.


The Rare Pepe series pre-dates CryptoPunks. The Counterparty chain holds the original NFTs. If you are making an investment or simply have the means and desire to own arguably the most iconic NFT set, here you have a “rare” opportunity to pick up the first 5 cards all at once, including the Nakamoto card, Series 1 Card 1 XCP asset RAREPEPE. Only 300 were minted in 2016 and only 117 holders as of this writing.

The first five Rare Pepe cards issued were:


The first Five Cards offered together in one Lot for the first time ever!

Expect fierce bidding on this one, from a $15,000 USD reserve kick-off.


Do you even SATOSHI, bro? SATOSHICARD is here to lend a block of moderate size! Only 200 copies in the wild, and arguably iconic for Bitcoin and the Blockchain. This card sold for $6,000 back in 2016. That’s over $450,000 USD in today’s Bitcoin!

It is the second-most rare Spells of Genesis card after FDCARD, and the one of the most powerful items in the game. If you’re a gentleperson of distinguished taste, this is like snatching a Picasso from a sleeping PEPE’s hands. Why does a frog have hands?

You’ll be able to flex your XCP address to a potential mate and win them over instantly. It’s like a LAMBO you can’t touch, but they can’t either!

It is not possible to ascertain if this vintage NFT comes with a piece of Satoshi’s soul, but that may well be the case.

At the time of submission of the Lot, the evaluation on XCP DEC is: ~20,000 XCP / $70,000 USD (not investment advice).

LOT 9 — FDCARD (2015)

This is the first and most emblematic of all OG SoG cards: the first NFT used in a game The original FDCARD merged folding announcement happened on

Foldingcoin participants earned these FDCARD by merged folding starting in March 2015 until May when all 300 were “mined” and distributed proportionally to the work units completed by participants who ran the Folding at Home model to help find cures for cancer, Alzheimer, diabetes etc.

The last auction sale was $45K USD (20th March 2021).

Expect fierce bidding on this one!

LOT 10 — Crypto Punk Vs RAREPEPE Bid Battle

The Epic Crypto Punk vs. RAREPEPE Bid Battle will start at or immediately after UTC 02:00, with OG Auctioneer Theo Goodman as guest auctioneer calling the RAREPEPE bids and Roaring Auctions auctioneer Bradley C Hughes calling the Crypto Punk bids.

LOT 11 — LORDKEK (2016)

LORDKEK, series 1, card 34, Issuance 10

Out of 10 originally issued, only 8 intact LORDKEK cards exist. One was lost forever, one has been fragmented.

LORDKEK fragments (“Kek dust”) are currently trading online at $48.75M per whole LORDKEK.

The estimated auction sale value of this first LORDKEK offered for auction since 2016 is expected to be anywhere between $0.5M to $2.5M.

What strange memetic power resides within LORDKEK?

Meme Magic is Real — Coincidences, synchronicities, luck, impossible happenings… the story of Pepe and the ancient Egyptian frog deity Kek is a deep, almost unfathomable enigma, shrouded in mystery, with clues scattered through the mists of time.

Register your intent to bid, to ensure you are in the hunt whichever way it goes!

PEPECASH Packets — Five Lots

Get your PEPECASH packets here! 2.6M PEPECASH will be up for grabs, in different packet sizes.

“The Pepe Cash card is useful for buying houses, fast cars and yachts”. Actually, it’s useful for buying Rare Pepes in!

Reserves are set at one penny per PEPECASH.

Packet sizes are:


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The Auction kicks off at 01:00 UTC on Good Friday night / 12pm AEDT Easter Saturday.

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Roaring Auctions

Roaring Auctions is a #cryptoart and #NFT auction house est. January 2017. Online crypto art and NFT auctions fortnightly, including Easter event.